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Interuniversalism (Erfaneh Keyhani)


Interuniversalism is a totally holistic way of viewing the human being. It is a completely mystic based view, in which man is not considered just as a pile of flesh and bones, but as vast as the world of existence. According to this view, the human being consists of several bodies such as the physical body, psychic body, mental body, astral body, and etc.


On the face (physical form), you are the microcosm

But in essence, you are the macrocosm


Human being has reached a point that he deeply needs the understanding and knowledge of the whole universe. He must free the boundaries of his thoughts from the limitations, and release himself from the conflicts of interacting with the pointless or less valuable details. He becomes capable of perceiving the main adventure with the help of the connection with interuniversal consciousness.

The windmill never gets to know the purpose of its turning round

That it is the basis of our strength through the baker’s trade

Some water pushes it round, thus it moves some more around

If God cuts the water, he will stand still



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These methods are based on the theory of “The Consciousness Bond of the Parts” or “Parts having consciousness in common”. According to this theory, when a link is established between the “whole” consciousness (The Interuniversal Consciousness) and the consciousness of a “part” [of human being]; the whole consciousness -via the consciousness of the mind- is capable of correcting, repairing and curing the mind, psyche and body thus healing and recovery will take place. Consciousness of the “parts” includes the consciousness of countless different components which comprise human being. The “whole” consciousness is the awareness and intelligence leading the universe.


It is necessary to note that research fields and activities of this school of thought are not limited to Complementary and Alternative Medicine; and also in other fields such as Mysticism, Philosophy, Social sciences, Physics and Astronomy intensive researches are taking place on the proposed theories in such areas. Master Mohamad Ali Taheri has introduced these methods and education publishing books and articles, holding educational classes and also training instructors for this science through the past two decades.

It is more than three decades since the foundation of Interuniversalism (Persian: Erfan-e Halqeh) and its subdivisions including two complementary medicines of “Faradarmani” and “Psymentology” has founded by Dr Master Mohammad Ali Taheri in Iran.

Experience gained through the complementary and alternative medical methods of “Faradarmani” and “Psymentology”, has brought about outstanding results, and due to the unique effectiveness of these methods among different types of complementary medicines; it has brought great attention of physicians and healthcare professionals through the past decade.

Currently extensive research is going on by scientists, physicians, and psychologists about the effects of these two complementary medical branches on humans, animals, and plants even in Laboratory environment and at the cellular molecular level. Numerous scientific articles and reports have been published about the research results and the effectiveness of these methods on different kinds of diseases.

In Faradarmani; treatment of physical, psychological, and psychosomatic (involves both psyche and ‘soma=body’) diseases are considered, whilst Psymentology considers the treatment of mental disorders, and mind-body illnesses in an exceptional way.

Universe became man and man became a universe There is no phrase more refined than that


In this viewpoint, man is a collection of physical, psychological, mental and other numerous bodies including various energy transformers (Chakras), limited and blocked energy channels (acupuncture), various fields of polarity of the body, bioplasma field, cellular consciousness, molecular frequency, and endless other unidentified parts.


In this mystic school, therapy is applied by taking the individual’s entire existence into consideration and while the person is connected to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network, they are simultaneously scanned by the consciousness which will identify problems according to its own expedience, and begin to remove these defects during the process of therapy.




Faradarmani is a type of alternative therapy which has a completely mystic view. It is a subcategory of Interuniversal Erfan (Halqeh) which was founded by Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri. In this type of therapy, the patient is connected to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network (the network of intelligence and awareness that covers the universe, Holy Spirit) and while giving a physical report on feeling warmth, cold, pain, tremors, stinging and etc, their defective body parts are identified and the treatment begins with the elimination of the symptoms.

Therefore, from this viewpoint, we can cure all kinds of diseases by using the Interuniversal Consciousness Network. The Fara-Therapist is not allowed to consider any kind of illness as ‘incurable’, because for the cosmic intelligence, all kinds of cures and repairs are possible.


The Interuniversal Consciousness Network is the intelligence or awareness that governs the universe and is one of the three available elements in the universe.Since awareness is neither matter nor energy, it is not restricted to the time and space dimensions and treatment using this network over short and long distances is possible. It also cannot be quantified and just as mentioned before, its effects can be quantified when it stimulates parts of the patient’s body. Therefore, the therapist cannot associate any of its power to themselves.


The three elements that make up the universe are: matter, energy and awareness.

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